Monday, January 5, 2009

Casa de Sex

Jet Set Productions, as part of their popular Latin Heat line, has just released Casa de Sex, which is, like the previous titles, directed by Chad Donovan. Also like the previous titles, it features very little 'acting'. Indeed, there is very little context, beyond the fact that the boys appear to be in a big house somewhere (the 'casa' of the title) and are having lots of sex.

The first scene, a threeway, takes place (according to the press release) "in the alley outside the house" although it doesn't look like an exterior. Suffice to say the three Latin studs cavort next to a metal drum and some old tires. The second scene, a duo, takes place "in the hot pink entrance hall of the house". There are two other scenes following, also set in rooms with lurid colours.

The movie is good, but it's the press release that is most entertaining. I like the facts that Lucan Fabian is described as having "a unique look for 2008, that of a crew-cut blond muscular hunk with thick sensuous lips and pale smooth-skin - almost a throw back to the Armed Forces poster guys of the 1940s". He looks like just another fag with a fresh haircut to me, but he does have an adorable Superman logo tattooed on his left bicep. The scene is good, but those turquoise and banana yellow walls and the floral print on the couch compete with the cocks for attention.

No doubt the boys are hot. Latin Heat takes advantage of the myth of the Latin lover, and the whole movie is lit to enhance those swarthy skin tones. Everyone is nice and thin and hung and cute. If you like your Latin porn straight up, with no clumsy acting scenes to stop the fun, then Casa de Sex is for you.