Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Deep Compassion

A man breaks out of a correctional facility and speeds off on a motorcycle. He meets up with some accomplices, who take him to a cabin in the woods. The only occupant of the cabin is the blind brother of one of the accomplices. (The second guy completely, mysteriously disappears.) I really enjoyed watching actor David Arlen pretend to be blind. When was the last time you saw a guy in a porn movie acting blind? Never. That's because A Deep Compassion was made in 1972, when pornos were films first, smut second.

Blindy gets freaked out by the sounds of his brother blowing the Jailbird, so he goes into the woods and talks to the trees. "Can you hear me?" he asks, and a hunky Forest God materializes and puts a fatherly hand on Blindy's shoulder. Their clothes vanish and Forest God fucks Blindy's face. This film could not get any weirder.

But it does. Jailbird rapes Blindy, who proceeds to have the most hysterical, over-the-top screaming fit in the history of gay cinema. He keeps up the hysterics through the whole scene, making it rather uncomfortable to enjoy. The overdramatic music doesn't help, either. Jailbird takes a satisfied nap afterwards, while Blindy grabs a poker and bashes his skull in, set to the familiar strains of Bernard Herrman's Psycho score. Blindy runs screaming into the forest and falls off a cliff to his death, but then Forest God comes to him and their spirits go off into the sunset together.

They don't make them like this anymore.

Latin Initiation

Fierce Dog Pictures presents Latin Initiation: Latin Interview Boys 2, in which the filmmakers went into the streets of Mexico to find hot boys. The finalists are highlighted, and each gives a long interview in Mexican. Never before have I had to read subtitles with my cock in one hand. The best moment was when this one kid, exercising while wearing knee-high embroidered cowboy boots, gets a call from his mom. I think it's interesting, too, that the word "casting" seems to be their euphemism for "have gay sex in front of a camera crew". But ultimately a porn movie is only as hot as the guys in it, and I couldn't pick many favorites out of this bunch.

Skyler's Sex Adventures

If a boring, overlong interview with a blonde twink is your idea of Heaven, then you'll love the bonus features on 18 West Studios' new Skyler's Sex Adventures. The movie consists mostly of scenes of Skyler jerking off. He also has sex with Chase Himmel and Brooke Daniels, both of who will grow up to be sexy men one day.

I hate Skyler DeVoss. His gay voice is an erection killer, and watching him frou frou up his ridiculous hair made me violent. Aren't those fucking faux hawks over already? Maybe it's just me, but I want my gay porn stars - twinks included - to act like men, not petulant girls. Horrible stuff.


Despite its coarse title, Jet Set's Screwed strives for seriousness. It opens with B&W footage and piano music, a sure sign of artsy ambitiousness. The story concerns a bunch of hot guys in prison. When I interviewed director Chris Steele last summer, we talked about how a lot of gay porn models end up in jail for one reason or another. Perhaps this is meant as a homage.

There are major acting scenes, and Steele gets credible performances out of his models. Screenwriter John Tegan has fun with the concept as well, as when an anal cavity search turns into a hot fingering. (The puns continue. One guy is in jail for cockfighting.) The main plot concerns a corrupt guard who sells drugs to the inmates. Expect comeuppance.

It's hard to say who's hotter - the guards, or the prisoners. Regardless, this is a terrific prison fantasy, way less gloomy and feel-bad than Oz. Although Screwed isn't likely to lead to prison reform, it does confirm what I've always expected - that incarceration is inherently homoerotic.

Finding Me

Finding Me, a new DVD from TLA Releasing, is about gay black men who are so not ghetto. Since I'm accustomed to seeing black guys shoot each other on The Wire, I can barely make sense of these nice black men with no guns. It's almost science fiction.

At first the romance is sweet, but chaste, and when it finally happens, you realize that there's really no story, except for a B plot concerning the old-fashioned father. Most of the comedy comes from the sassy black chick, one of those junior Wanda Sykes types. But the protagonist is such a drip I can't imagine what the hunk sees in him.

The film's director, Roger S. Omeus Jr., says in an interview that he was inspired by E. Lynn Harris. Now it all makes sense. Probably the most interesting thing about this movie is that it introduced me to the term "same gender loving", which some of these people feel is less prejudicial than the word "gay". Again with the science fiction. All the same, the movie's got such a good spirit that it's easy to overlook the clumsy compositions and atrocious audio and bland performances and overlong running time. That title doesn't do it any favours, either.