Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama Is Nailin' Palin

Huster Video's Obama Is Nailin' Palin is in the worst possible taste, but if anything, it points to the democratizing power of porn, treating both red and blue candidates with equal derision.

It doesn't take much to do Sarah Palin. All you need is fishbowl glasses and the soccer mom haircut, but I have to say that Lisa Ann does pull it off quite well. She almost made me forget about Tina Fay.

Obama Is Nailin' Palin features a dream sequence (I think), in which Guy DiSilva, as Obama, comes to her on horseback. He is dressed sort of like a Roman centurion, and she is sort of dressed like a damsel in distress, so right away you have a collision of epochs. But let's focus on what's important, that Lisa Ann has huge implants. This video is also great for guys who have an eyeglasses fetish. In the end, when Obama finally blows a load on Sarah Palin's face, it kind of makes you glad that things worked out the way they did.

The behind the scenes footage has Lisa Ann declaring that impersonating Palin has made her a bit of a media star, a "life-changing experience". The other notable thing about the behind the scenes footage is the fact that the horse is in the background of almost every single shot. Leave it to pornographers to milk every last cent's worth of an expensive prop.

The rest of the almost three hour video is comprised of various interracial scenes, mostly giant cock black dudes paired with little white sluts in fishnets. The penises are rather intimidating, but thanks to movies like this, and HBO shows like Oz and The Wire, black actors are finally getting some good roles.

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