Monday, January 26, 2009

Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 8 and Wood Work

It must seem like all I ever do is write about porn, but I can't help it. Porn companies keep sending me their product for free in exchange for mentioning it. Would you give up a deal like that?

I like porn. It's a world unto itself, a very dumb world, but a valid one nonetheless. One of the better porn companies around is Hot House Video, who recently sent me their new releases, Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 8 and Wood Work.

HHBEV8 is pure sex, with no horrible acting parts, thank God. When will porn companies realize that most of us fast-forward through all that acting crap anyway? HHBEV8 is a compilation of scenes available on the company's website, collected for DVD release. Hot House distinguishes itself with great lighting, often incorporating natural light through windows to create halo effects. The first, featuring cutie pie Kirk Cummings, benefits from both the sunlight and groovy bed sheets.

Other scenes feature Kai Ford, whose leg tattoo continues to drive me batty. What would possess him to get such a thing? His hair is marvelous, though. Other stars include balding butch Johnny Gunn, so my type, with those mutton chop sideburns and that nasty sneer. He's a superb top, undulating that flat belly while fucking some guy on the back of a pickup truck. I could watch Johnny Gunn all day long. What a great star he is.

The other release, Wood Work, is the porn I've been waiting for all my life. I loved the theme of wood (erection) and wood work (sitting on that erection) and tying it in visually with a set consisting of raw lumber and power saws (big tools) plus the use of macho, hairy, muscular studs. The makers of this product have correctly identified construction sites as one of the most erotic and manly environments ever. The handsome cast even features two black actors, and although everyone's hot, I have a little fave in Tim Kruger, a big boy with big boy parts. Can you imagine having sex with someone like that in real life? Holy cow. I like him because when he fucks in a standing position it looks like he's walking down the street. Some actual thought went into this movie. Then factor in Hot House's ability to light their sets better than most other porn companies and you have a winner.

But Hot House, you're really got to stop with the 20 minutes of trailers and endless promo bullshit before the feature. Relax, girl. Your product sells itself.