Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chris and John To the Rescue

Chris and John To the Rescue launched its third season at the Gladstone Hotel on Jan. 31. The show's stars and creators, John Simpson and Chris Carter, showed both the first (double) episode and the third episode of the comedy series, which airs on Out TV in Canada.

The evening kicked off with a performance from the show's co-star, Brian Doyle, who karaoked to Womanizer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Single Ladies, in that order. His voice is nothing to write home about, but you got to give him credit for daring to take on Britney, Beyonce, and Art Garfunkel. Say what you will, few people on earth have a voice as pretty as Art Garfunkel's.

The first episode, which takes place at a gay campground near Chicago, is about how Chris and John help a single gay camper find a partner. The single guy is a bit bland, but their choices for a boyfriend are outrageous - a blue-eyed boy with lamb chop sideburns, a black queen called Princess, an eye-rolling prima donna named Gio, and a very tiny guy with humongous ears. Gio got all the laughs. He should get his own show. I didn't really understand the comedy, but maybe it's a generational thing. One of my young companions said that I missed all the subtle references to Popular. All I could think while I watch watching the show was, Gee, boys nowadays are so unafraid to be completely, annoyingly queeny all the time.

No free drinks, but there were gift bags, namely a Telus Mobility shopping tote with a Gund goldfish inside. I was starving the whole time I was watching the screening. You'd think Telus, or Gund, or Out TV, would have pitched in fifty bucks for a bowl of pretzels or celery sticks or something.