Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Deep Compassion

A man breaks out of a correctional facility and speeds off on a motorcycle. He meets up with some accomplices, who take him to a cabin in the woods. The only occupant of the cabin is the blind brother of one of the accomplices. (The second guy completely, mysteriously disappears.) I really enjoyed watching actor David Arlen pretend to be blind. When was the last time you saw a guy in a porn movie acting blind? Never. That's because A Deep Compassion was made in 1972, when pornos were films first, smut second.

Blindy gets freaked out by the sounds of his brother blowing the Jailbird, so he goes into the woods and talks to the trees. "Can you hear me?" he asks, and a hunky Forest God materializes and puts a fatherly hand on Blindy's shoulder. Their clothes vanish and Forest God fucks Blindy's face. This film could not get any weirder.

But it does. Jailbird rapes Blindy, who proceeds to have the most hysterical, over-the-top screaming fit in the history of gay cinema. He keeps up the hysterics through the whole scene, making it rather uncomfortable to enjoy. The overdramatic music doesn't help, either. Jailbird takes a satisfied nap afterwards, while Blindy grabs a poker and bashes his skull in, set to the familiar strains of Bernard Herrman's Psycho score. Blindy runs screaming into the forest and falls off a cliff to his death, but then Forest God comes to him and their spirits go off into the sunset together.

They don't make them like this anymore.