Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Despite its coarse title, Jet Set's Screwed strives for seriousness. It opens with B&W footage and piano music, a sure sign of artsy ambitiousness. The story concerns a bunch of hot guys in prison. When I interviewed director Chris Steele last summer, we talked about how a lot of gay porn models end up in jail for one reason or another. Perhaps this is meant as a homage.

There are major acting scenes, and Steele gets credible performances out of his models. Screenwriter John Tegan has fun with the concept as well, as when an anal cavity search turns into a hot fingering. (The puns continue. One guy is in jail for cockfighting.) The main plot concerns a corrupt guard who sells drugs to the inmates. Expect comeuppance.

It's hard to say who's hotter - the guards, or the prisoners. Regardless, this is a terrific prison fantasy, way less gloomy and feel-bad than Oz. Although Screwed isn't likely to lead to prison reform, it does confirm what I've always expected - that incarceration is inherently homoerotic.